Collection: The I Can Collection

The I CAN Collection holds a deeply sentimental place in my heart. It came to fruition in 2016, a pivotal moment when doubts clouded my pursuit of an ambitious dream: winning the Olympic Gold medal for Team USA. In the face of uncertainty, I sought a beacon of motivation, a tangible reminder that I was capable of achieving greatness. And lo and behold, not only did I clinch the Olympic Gold Medal, but I also etched my name in history as the first American woman to do so in Women's shot put, shattering the American Record along the way.

Originally crafted as a personal talisman, the necklace proved to be imbued with a power too potent not to be shared. In times of adversity, we all yearn for encouragement. Thus, I extend this collection to you, knowing it harbors the strength needed to overcome obstacles, just as it did for me.

For in its essence lies a simple yet profound truth: If I CAN, then you CAN too.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

  • Philippians 4:13